5 Steps to a Perfect Kitchen

5 Steps to a Perfect Kitchen

5 steps to a perfect kitchen

1 Set a Budget

Set a budget, don’t try to save money by cutting back on storage space.Over time you accumulate quite a lot of stuff in your kitchen and you don’t want to clutter worktop space with these items.

2 Research

Magazines are a great source of inspiration so cut out pictures of what you like and even start a scrapbook or folder

The internet is another good tool and there are some great sites like Pinterest or Houzz

Visit showrooms but please don’t be a slave to fashion! A word of caution here too: When you are approached by an assistant, be firm that you are just gathering ideas

Talking to friends can be useful too. Ask for their experiences and look at what they have done.

It’s your home and you know how you live and what you want to achieve so have faith in yourself and don’t be swayed! A professional designer with lots of experience will be able to guide you and make your dream a reality as well as being practical.

3 Get involved in the Design

Enjoy designing your kitchen: It’s the most used room in the house, the heart of your home. Get everyone involved with the planning. Make it a family affair and you’ll get through it with a lot less stress.

Your new kitchen should reflect your taste, work with the designer to achieve the practical, tasteful space that fits your needs and lifestyle. Stay involved throughout the design process.

4 The Triangle

The Working Triangle: Kitchen layouts are based on a concept called the “Work Triangle”. This means that for the most efficient use of space, the oven, sink and fridge should form a working triangle, ideally no more than 2.5m apart.

You don’t want your new kitchen to look cramped.

5 Quality Materials

Invest in well-built cabinets and drawer mechanisms since they get the most use. Make sure all cabinets are manufactured from 16mm board and are supplied with solid backs as standard. Good hinges such as Blum are also very important. Visit your designer’s showroom to look at their quality and workmanship.





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